Marina Rubin is a short story writer, a journalist and a poet. She was born in a small town of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. Her family was middle-class intelligentsia, not overly religious, not overly-communist. The family left the former Soviet Union in 1989 seeking political asylum. After months of living in refugee camps in Austria and Italy, the family arrived in New York and settled in Brooklyn. Marina attended New Utrecht High School where she discovered her passion for writing and became a poetry editor of a school literary magazine Spiral. Upon graduating she earned the year’s prestigious award for Excellence in Creative Writing. On a scholarship from the United Federation of Teachers she attended Pace University in downtown Manhattan and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Studying the fundamentals of corporate behavior and employment law she doodled haikus and snappy one-liners on the margins of her textbooks. While a student she won numerous Sarah Willis awards for poetry. Traveling through Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Middle East became an infinite source of inspiration for the young author. Her first chapbook Ode to Hotels came out in 2002, followed by Once in 2004 and Logic in 2007, the third book in the trilogy the poet completed before the age of 30. Marina's work had appeared in hundreds of poetry magazines and anthologies. She is an associate editor of Mudfish, a prestigious literary and art magazine in Tribeca. Her work was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2007, and again in 2012. She is a 2013 recipient of COJECO Blueprint Fellowship. Her past creative credits include: a columnist for reviewing concerts, films and other venues in New York, a creative advisor and promoter for the Siberian-swing-salsa band Yoke, and a Press Manager for the Red Shift Film Festival. Her fourth book, a collection of flash fiction stories Stealing Cherries was released in November 2013 from Manic D Press. She lives in New York.

Coney Island History Project Oral History Archive: Interview by Samira Tazari. Marina Rubin, Ukrainian emigre writer and author of Stealing Cherries, a collection of flash fiction. After immigrating to Brooklyn with her family, Marina lived in Bensonhurst and Coney Island.

Author Marina Rubin reads "Little Elephant" from her flash fiction collection Stealing Cherries at the book launch celebration in New York City on October 24, 2013.

Author Marina Rubin reads "Gypsy Punk Ska" from her flash fiction collection Stealing Cherries at the book launch celebration in New York City on October 24, 2013.

Writer Marina Rubin speaks with Maya Pritsker on the RTN WMNB morning program. The author discusses her upcoming book of flash fiction, the state of American poetry, the editorial processes in major literary magazines, being a member of COJECO's Blueprint fellowship and the poem that put her on the radar of the publishing world "Show up on a lover's doorstep, unexpected"

Writer Marina Rubin reads two flash fiction stories from her collection Stealing Cherries - "The Sexy Poet from Oakland" and "Massage in Luxor"

Marina Rubin reads "Welcome to America" - a flash fiction story from her upcoming collection "Stealing Cherries"